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Made in USA

HTC Sof-Knit Blouse Project

How to Add Shape And Body to a Blouse Collar with HTC Sof-Knit 
If you’ve ever wanted to skip the lining step, while adding shape, body, and retaining drapability and a touch of opacity, Sof-Knit might be the perfect interfacing for the job.
By Laurie Pessetto
Sof-Knit is an all-bias stretch, fusible interfacing that can be used to combine the two steps of interfacing and lining in one step for appropriate fabrics. Sof-Knit also may be applied to each fabric piece as interfacing before any sewing is done if you’d rather follow the pattern directions for garment construction and hemming. You also may choose to use a lining as directed by the pattern. Lining pieces would need to be cut from a lining fabric.
When using Sof-Knit as the interfacing and lining, the adapted instructions will create the hems of the flounces, sleeves, and blouse skirt. Select black or white Sof-Knit depending on the color of the fabric and desired effect. The black Sof-Knit sets off the white decorative stitching and the black background of this fabric.
Both the Sof-Knit and the fabric are quite sheer and have all-bias stretch, which are a great match. The black Sof-Knit sets off the decorative stitching and adds enough of a lining to preserve modesty without adding weight or full opacity. You might use a press cloth to protect your ironing board from any stray fusing adhesive.
The steps to combine interfacing and lining require reading the entire pattern instructions and planning which seams can be combined, which pieces can be hemmed with the Sof-Knit seam, and which will be regular seams. The fused Sof-Knit will help control fraying and provide body even on the regular seams. Test your iron on a piece of the fabric to find the correct heat and steam setting.
Skill Level:
Moderate sewing skills, approximately 5-7 hour project.