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Made in USA

HTC Pattern-Ease Vintage Apron Pattern-Making Tutorial

By Laurie Pessetto


HTC Pattern-Ease Vintage Apron Pattern-Making Project

I inherited a charming apron from my Grandma Noni, who sewed her apron with a straight stitch machine and by hand. It has been my favorite apron since the day I received it, and I have worn it regularly. Sadly, the fabric is wearing thin and my daughter probably won’t get to inherit this heirloom. Because she will be disappointed, I used the apron to create a pattern to preserve and recreate an apron for her. 

Note: A companion to this article, “Fusi-Form Lightweight Vintage Apron Project,” includes complete step-by-step instructions on how to sew this apron once the pattern is created. Click Here for the companion project.

Skill Level 
This simple project only requires the correct tools and a basic understanding of how patterns fit together to create a garment. 


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