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Made in USA

HTC Fusi Knit 1300 Dinosaur Project

Create A Soft, Cuddly Dinosaur With HTC’s Fusi-Knit Polyester Interfacing

Stuffed animals are a favorite comfort toy and playmate. This 25” dinosaur is cuddly, and yet sturdy enough to stand alone. The fabric is stretchy, soft and smooth with a nice feel. Pick a fabric that matches the purpose of your toy. You might pick a soft, plush fabric for a bedtime companion or a tough, durable fabric for a sturdy play toy.

The spines are decorative and can be done in many different styles, or eliminated altogether to simplify construction. Allow two to three hours to complete this project. The backbone of the dinosaur pattern can be altered easily to reshape the dinosaur, but it will be more challenging to alter the legs and belly.

Click here to open HTC Fusi Knit Dinosaur Pattern

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